Tunnels and Underground Management Systems- TUМS

General İnformation

It is commonly known that subway and tunnel management system and control are operated by field equipment with microprocessor-based devices (PLC). In general, the field side of the control performed by the PLC is SCADA – visual data acquisition and control interface; It constitutes the side facing the operator of the system.

The reliability and stability of the system established for the management of the tunnel are of the utmost importance. The length of the tunnel and vehicle access density are designed considering lighting, ventilation, fire detection and extinguishing, cameras, SOS, traffic, energy and communication infrastructure.

Such systems are created to target the nonstop operation of the tunnel. An energy system for tunnels is an essential prerequisite for the operation of other systems.

Tunnels shall be equipped with the UPS and generators for possible power outages so the network is not affected by any disruptions. PLCs and SCADA systems play a key part in the operation of the tunnel as all the systems in the tunnel can be monitored and controlled remotely if needed.