Simulation Systems – SRS

General Contruction

Any process that creating an artificial environment, system or series of processes in real-time should as much as possible correspond to reality and ensure the maximum approximation to the conditions of a real human environment, and to train reaction for correct respond in non-standard emergencies. Most injuries that occurred in production due to human error or by accident, could took the people’s lives, huge technical and material costs. Simulation computer systems could be used in real-time with no risk for humans, environment and production.

Real-world systems create artificial environment through computer simulating software that can mimic any event of reality. Enterprises for employees training on complex technical equipment bear the high production costs and risks of injury, but owing to the simulation systems, learning becomes safer and reducing financial and time costs.

It is also applies to flight personnel training, with the help of simulation computer systems of the real aircraft the flight operator is learning how to navigate a plane in the real world. And if in reality any doubt of pilot could lead to disaster, the simulation systems enable to train without any risk, stress, with possibility of passing situations of diverse complexity. The use of simulation systems has become generally accepted international practice, which also protecting the environment. In addition, the computer simulation systems have a huge advantage in simulation of various situations that occur in the real world extremely rare, but in spite of it we should be prepare for such emergencies.

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