Process Control Methods – PCM

General Information

Process Control Solution is the centralized solution that can be directed by gadgets like phones or personal computers which allows to measure,collect and direct the information threw the network. By using SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) Systems it can join various technologies and control facilities located in many destinations and allow to control all of them from one access point.

Process Control Methods generally provides graphical interphase, control system, alarm system, data collection, analysis and reporting in general and consists of 3 main elements, Remote Terminal Center ( RTU), Communication system, Control Center System ( Main Management Center). Recent developments in computer and communication technology and regarding this factor decrease in equipment costs made autonomation of electricity distribution systems, possible both technically and economically.

For example distribution systems and automation of water allows distant monitoring of network and increases effectivity and efficiency and as a result more reliable, durable and quality electric and water supply is maintained. System is able to archive all information and by using static reports efficient and effective management is provided.

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