Industrial Process Automation– IPA

General Information

Automation of the industrial process is controlled via computer located in a central facility and spreads over a wide area by means of a combination of various technologies and topologies, including communication over a network of industrial plant automation solutions, such as network control, measurement and control systems – control systems – SCADA data collection systems.

It is a system that can be monitored by devices such as mobile phones or tablets. Automation of industrial facilities includes a Graphical User Interface, Monitoring System, Alarm System, Data Collection, Analysis and Reporting solutions, which are offered together and form a unit of the three basic elements: Remote Unit (Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), Communication Systems, Control Center System (Main Control Center MCC – Master Terminal Unit MTU).

Recent advances in computer and communications technology and following reduced costs of equipment production have made the automation of the electrical distribution system economically advantageous. For example, automation of distribution systems for water or electricity and remote monitoring of network provide a quick and effective control that consequently allows more reliable, no-break and high quality electrical power and water supply. Archived system information and statistical reports provide the most effective and economical business management.

Systems used for control and acquisition of data on operations and processes in a factory (raw materials, production and finished goods tracking, etc.) with various instruments used in control (RTU, PLC, etc.) together form an infrastructure for the industrial management and control of the factory.