About Us


ESTET LLC supplies companies in Azerbaijan and Turkey, integrators and other companies with medium and low voltage systems since 1997. In recent years, our company has expanded its business area and started to provide high-tech equipment and services. Our company holds official partnership and distributorship status of following companies: EMSA, MAKELSAN, LANDE, EMERSON/ VERTİV, ÜNTES, TRANE, ASSMANN/ DIGITUS, NORM, BSMİ, LU-VE GROUP, TALES ANALİTİK, ALCAD, HASSA, ETK KABLO.

In addition, ESTET LLC cooperates with many European and Turkish manufacturers.

Thanks to our cooperation with international and local partners in the field of electrical and mechanical engineering “ESTET” LLC is able to make a great deal of offers for all electrical, mechanical, and high-tech equipment needed for reconstruction and construction projects. In addition, our company is capable to offer key delivery solutions to very big projects involved in electrical and data, fire protection and ventilation systems, sale, installation and service of laboratory equipment.

By combining more than 50 high class experts with technical resources and equipment, ESTET LLC is capable to perform all needed tasks demanded by the projects right on time and with high level of professionality. Products that we deliver have high quality and affordability and in addition are supported by producing companies with all needed guarantees.

Our products and services:
1. Structural cabling ( Data and electric)
2. Sales and installation of generators, UPS, and after sales support
3. Fire alarm and water based suppression systems
4. Security, early warning and camera systems
5. Fiber optic cables, Data Telecom cables and finishing systems.
6. IT, telecommunication and rack cabins
7. Upgraded flooring for IT server rooms
8. Centralized acoustic and TV systems
9. Patient communication and nurse call systems for hospitals
10. Laboratory equipment
11. Ventilation systems


Our aim is to maintain our leading position in the field of our expertise, introduce latest technologies and supply the market through the experience we have gained in Azerbaijan.

Our mission is to supply the companies in Azerbaijani market, operating in the field of structural cabling, laboratory, electric and mechanics ( heating, cooling and ventilation) that are doing the installation works with the needed equipment with the best price and quality. To maintain key delivery solutions for the subcontractor companies for their ongoing projects on time.



We know that without taking care of our employees we can never offer the best service to our customers, thus we do our best to keep our employees motivation and security at highest levels.


Our company sees its customers as partners and believes that development can only come together. Thus by considering the demands of our customers we give our professional offers.


We believe that we will achieve our goals as long as we provide our customers with products and services on time. So we never compromise with quality.

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