Emergency Command Center – ECC

General Information

The main task of government is to protect people’s life and safety of property. Historically, there was a need to protect from wild animals and aggressive communities, which in our daily lives grew in the need of protection from diseases, accidents and natural disasters. In some countries, social security is provided by three organizations: the police (along with the gendarmerie), fire service, ambulance.

In the call centers, received emergency calls are accepted by operators and forwarded to the police, the gendarmerie, medical service, fire service, coast guard, operators of forestry and they are logically distributed across computers using software that automatically performs the necessary locking and control elements, records cases and processes information, stores the information in a common database and enables a simultaneous exchange, instead of passing through the radio command, phone calls and by recording audio and radio calls, which may be received in a time when people relax for a very short period of time.

After the case investigation, the required reports can be easily taken out of the system with the determination of the location of cases through digital maps. It provides the police, the military police, ambulance or fire service personnel with GPS data, the follow-up snapshots, ambulances and fire trucks immediately if requested.

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