About Us


Our Company is providing construction firms, integrators and other firms in Azerbaijan with medium and low voltage current systems since 1997.

As the Company is a representative of many international companies in the structure cabling sector, it is able to give very appropriate offers for all structure cabling materials which are necessary for construction projects. In addition, our Company is performing “turn key” works in many large projects.

The company has high quality technical and human resources to perform its structure cabling works properly and timely. The Company has a large staff of more than 50 professionals.

The Company is providing a wide spectrum of the most modern structure cabling products, Active network equipment, as well as Cat. 5, Cat. 6 and Cat 7 category network cables and termination components, Single Mode and Multi-Mode cables and termination components for a Fiber Optic network, Equipment for transmission from the Fiber Optic network to a Copper network, various size telecommunication and server Rack Cabinets for exploitation in internal and external environments, Uninterrupted power source UPS and etc. equipment and products.


Our objective is to market and provide the latest technologies, while maintaining our leader position in the structure cabling and termination market in Azerbaijan.

Our mission is to provide necessary equipment and products to other structure cabling companies acting in the market of Azerbaijan for the best prices and with high quality and to handover “turn key” works to the contractors in current projects timely.



Our Company knows that without estimating employers, clients may not be served well. Therefore, the Company highly prioritizes financial and moral motivation of its employees, in addition to paying attention to their security


The Company regards its clients as its partners and believes that development may only be achieved together. Therefore, our Company provides its professional offers after taking the needs of its clients into account.


Estet’s sustainability is long-standing. We believe that we will reach our objective, if we provide quality products and services timely. Therefore, we never make a compromise about quality issues.

To get the most appropriate solution for your project,