Interactive class rooms – ICR

General Contruction

Using audio and visual electronic technology, a smart class is specially designed to make courses more understandable and efficient, and thus improves the quality of education.

The structure of the network-enabled and web-based training with the incorporation of technology applications in different spots and places that was created to be used in different modifications is called a “Smart Classroom”. Smart classes fill the technological gaps in schools and create a new variation of the no-teacher learning concept and open areas.

Smart classes, apart from being a local training unit, can be video conferencing systems within the country or outside the country through having this structure accessed interactively to other educational institutions. Educational institutions exchange any information with maximum efficiency. To date, one of the most important concepts of Novadata company is to create intelligent solutions for smart classes using specialized brands and first-hand solutions. Smart classes are created in the light of the technical research for the design of every class; the basic concepts include specific raised PVC modular floors, custom-designed lighting in a way that prevents the bursts of light, a blue and gray set of colors, acoustic insulation and prevention of speakers and microphone reverberation to avoid the bursts of sound. Educational institutions are offered with different technologies and solutions that the upper limit of efficiency in every sector.